For those who love to travel, word Backpackers definitely become synonymous with them. Backpackers was taken from the word "backpacking" which refers to traveler wandering in low cost.

If you were familiar with the rather unusual adventure, why not try to plan backpackers adventure that will surely give a great experience for you.
Here admin want to share some tips for backpacker:-

1. Plan the destination - Is extremely important for individuals or groups of backpackers who want to reach the destination planning so that all aspects such as the cost can be planned and controlled.

2. Equipment with a neat layout - Arrange toiletries such as clothes neatly so your adventure more smoothly and orderly. It is recommended that you practice the concept of less is more

3. Save money in some places/parts - If there is an emergency such as loss of money, with the money that will be saved in some place other than your wallet will be able to save you

4. Use public transport service - On average travelers often make this mistake with renting vehicles with expensive rental rates. Why not use public transport services which would certainly save costs

5. Report to family or authorities - If you choose to travel alone, do not forget to tell your family members about your vacation. For those who want to travel adventure such as in the woods. make sure you make a report to notify your presence there

6. Learn and master the local language - If you are visiting a country, trying to learn and master the local language. Many advantages if you can master the local language

7. Prepare medicines - Early preparation can help if the traveler is in injuries.

8. Beware of pickpocket and ticket touts - Get the public transport ticket as early preparation to avoid contact with the bait ticket touts

9. Own food - Do not forget to bring your own food such as energy bars that can help you to stay active and energetic

10. Staying at Hostels - To save costs, it is proposed that if you stay in a hostel. Not only save money, you might even meet new friends

Hopefully the above tips can help you to some extent in planning your trip. Happy travels!!