My previous post is about a list of beautiful island that not famous but able to attract you. Today i would to share with you 10 Attractive Highland in Malaysia which may surprise you.

Highlands is a great destination and ideal for those who want to escape briefly from the scorching hot weather. Cold atmosphere, comfortable and relaxing certainly capable of eliminating your stress, coupled with far-reaching green atmosphere. Highland is also ideal for honeymoon couples because the weather is cool and comfortable air.

1. Bukit Tinggi, Pahang

2. Cameron Higlands, Pahang

3. Gunung Kinabalu, Sabah

4. Bukit Larut, Perak

5. Bukit Fraser, Pahang

6. Kundasang, Sabah

7. Gunung Ledang, Johor

8. Broga Hill, Selangor

9. Gunung Jerai, Kedah

10. Bukit Bendera, Pulau Pinang

Happy Travel!!!