God created the world and everything in it. What was created by God must make humans stunned. God created a unique variety of living things.
In addition, God also created various places in the world that is so beautiful. This is not a dream, you are able to visit that place.
At a time when many logging and development done on this earth, the earth is still store a variety of exceptional beauty and seems very magical.
There are Most Unbelievable Place in the world that will make you stunned:-

1. Cano Cristales, Columbia

Cano Cristales is a river that located in the Serrania de la Macarena Mountains. The area where the river has a very secluded and we can get there just by driving a horse, donkey, or on foot. Cano Cristales is filled with waterfalls, rapids, wells and basins, with water so clear you can see to the bottom. During most of the year it seems like any other river, with water flowing over rocks green algae. Then over a period of time between the rainy season and the dry season - which occurs between the months of September-November - the river changed, into a river of color. Algae in the water produce a blend of colors; red, blue, green, black and yellow lines. This river has a fish because of the complexity of the channel. Cano Cristales has been called the "River of Five Colors", "Liquid Rainbow" and "The River That Ran Away From Paradise" and it can be easily seen.

2. Fly Geyser Reno, Nevada 

Fly Geyser was accidentally formed, in 1916 drilling wells for water, even though they do not begin to form until 1960. The place chosen turned out to have a geothermal area. Hot water eventually find a weak point in the well and pushed him to the surface. Minerals began to build to create a mini-volcano about 5 ft tall, with layers of terraces. Terraces have a different color from the minerals in the water and geothermal water has found a weaker to make two more geysers nearby. Water kettle continuously fill the holes and hollows on the patio, it was increasingly giving it look more real.

3. Vale Da Lua, Brazil

Vale Da Lua is a stone basin that has been carved by the San Miguel River. The name translates into the valley of the moon, erosion of rocks swift river water has been sanding the surface until smooth, and in shades of gray similar to the month view. This valley has some of the oldest rock formations in the world, with an estimated age of 1.8 billion years. This river has created caves, waterfalls and strange rock formations, to form a labyrinth of narrow canyon wall. Seen from space, the area is the most luminous in the earth. Quartz and the smooth rocks cause this place visible flame. Surrounding forest abundant with wildlife and lay claim to many types of orchids. The river has made the field work in progress, as it continues to erode and change the landscape.

4. Rio Tinto, Spain

The Rio Tinto Moreno Sierra Mountains stretching from the Gulf to Cadiz, Huelva, Spain. Rio Tinto means the Red River. High levels of iron in the water causing the river color red. around this river has been in mine for copper, gold and silver from ancient times, and continues to this day. The Rio Tinto has the oldest mines in the world, which is believed to be the fabled mines of King Solomon. Because all mines, rivers have a high acid content and is home to organisms that survive in extreme conditions. This led to scientific research in the river, which is used in the study of the underground lake of Mars and Jupiter. Link to space seems appropriate, regional Rio Tinto has a foreign lunar like landscape. This mining has created a terraced stone walls that have formed a natural amphitheater.

5. Danau Spotted Osoyoos, British Columbia Canada

Spotted Lake Osoyoos is sacred to First Nations Okanagan Indian Valley. Osoyoos means narrow waters in the Okanagan language, and is used to describe what happens to the lake. Lake is endorheic salt lake, which means it is a closed body of water without any outflow or entry of other water bodies. This lake has a high concentration of different minerals, and contains some of the highest amounts of magnesium sulfate, calcium and sodium sulphate in the world. There are also eight other smaller minerals in the water, including a small amount of silver and titanium. The minerals in the lake is very useful, and has been mined during World War I for use in the manufacture of ammunition for perang.Selama summer, as the water evaporates, spots are formed have different colors depending on the mineral earlier. Spots crystallize and form a walkway different colors. Color can be white, yellow, blue or green.

6. Chamarel Falls, Mauritius 

Republic of Mauritius is an island nation located off the southeastern coast of Africa. It is part of an archipelago formed by underwater volcanoes that now is no longer active. Mauritius is home to two natural wonders. The first is Chamarel Falls, which is a thin three waterfalls that fall approximately 300 feet below the plateau. They are the highest waterfall in Mauritius. Mauritius was once known only to the waterfall, then in 1960, colored sand dunes are found. The sand is created from clay made of lava cooled at different times. The effect causes the 7 different colors, including red, brown, green, blue, purple and yellow. The most unique aspect of the sand is the fact that if you take out all the colors and mix together, then they will naturally be separated and rejoined the group of colors in which they originated. How does this happen bases? This is a mystery to scientists who have tried to solve the bizarre nature of this sand. This sand other mystery is that there is no erosion terlihat.Kawasan has a heavy rainy season is supposed to erosion must be the effect.

7. Dataran Jars, Laos

Plain of Jars is one of the oldest archaeological mystery in Southeast Asia. Located in Xieng Khouang plateau, in the mountains of Indochina, there are about 90 different jars sites. Each site contains 1-400 urn. It has been estimated that they were created 3,000 years ago, and made of sandstone, limestone, granite, and breksi.mayoritas made of sandstone. Top tube is approximately 9 ft and all made of slabs of stone itunsendiri individual objects. At first glance it seemed haphazardly placed, with some standing upright and the other on their side pointing in different directions. Further research has revealed that the jars are placed in positions that make up the constellation pattern of the stars. There has been much speculation about the purpose of the bottle-shaped objects-some say it is a drinking glass to a race of giants, which are used to collect rain water, or as a funeral urn. Most of the empty bottles, but some have been found with the body or in the tool, or filled with miniature Buddha statues. Exploration there is hard at doing because the area was littered with unexploded ordnance rest of the Secret War.

8. Sanqingshan, China

Sanqingshan has been regarded as a sacred place. Used by Tao for meditation, and is believed to lead to immortality. Sanqingshan shrouded in fog during the 200 days of the year. Fog provide another world quality to the mountains, along with thousands of rivers flowing into the pool, granite formations that resemble humans and animal silhouettes, odd-shaped pine trees. Swimming and vegetation create a unique environment that lures exotic birds and rare, it makes the animals feel comfortable to stay there. Sanqingshan is home to about 2,500 species of plants. This is one place that is not only to find a plant that is used in the manufacture of traditional Chinese medicine.

9. Pamukkale, Turki

Pamukkale means cotton castle, and has also been called white because white castle due to the high concentration of calcite in water. Sedimentary deposits of travertine has created white terraces, waterfalls and mineral petrified forests that make up the landscape. The 17 hot springs heated by underground volcanic. Lovely area Pamukkale, Turkey, has been used as a healing spa for thousands of years. The healing properties of interesting people from all over the region, and the Romans built the ancient city of Hieropolis there. To help preserve the area, hotels and access roads are derived and man-made pond was created to assist in maintaining the natural beauty of Pamukkale.

10. Nine Hells of Beppu, Japan

Beppu is home to more than 2,800 hot springs and are found on the island of Kyushu. Nine hell of Beppu are several springs that are more unique in the area.
Hell 1 is Umi Jigoku means "sea hell". The fund will be blue turquoise and hot enough to boil an egg.
Hell 2 is Oniishibou, which means "bald head hell" and gets its name from the gray mud boil. Mud bubbles to the surface and resemble bald head of Buddhist monks. Hell 3 is Shiraike Jigoku means "white pond hell" and filled with boiling water caused by high calcium concentrations.
Hell 4 is Yama Jigoku means "mountain hell. Yama Jigoku made by mud volcanoes that spew so much that it creates a small mountain surrounded by small pools.
Hell 5 is Kamada Jigoku "cooking pot hell". It is a collection of boiling hot springs statue flanked by red devil appears as a cook. 6 is Oniyama Jigoku Hell, which means "mountain demon hell". Oniyama is a very powerful stream that can draw 1 ½ car train, and is also home to around 100 crocodiles hell.
Hell 7 is Kinryu Jigoku "golden dragon hell". This spring is featured with steaming dragon. Steam is supplied by the steam from the spring and guided out of the dragon's nostrils. It gives the illusion of a dragon fly when water spouts out at sunrise.
8 is Chinoike Jigoku Hell, which means "blood pond hell". Chinoike got the name of a bright reddish colored water caused by iron (iron-containing) minerals in the pool. Hell 9 is Tatsumaki Jigoku, which means "spout hell". Tatsumaki is a geyser that spouts every 30 minutes and has a temperature of about 105 degrees Celsius.

11. Seljalandfoss Waterfall, Islandia

It is a waterfall Seljalandfoss. It is located in Iceland. A waterfall which has a natural charm that is very pampering your eyes. Not only beautiful but it is one of the highest waterfalls in the world.

12. Flower Tunnel of Wisteria, Japan

This tunnel is located in Kitakyushu, Japan. What is Wisteria? Wisteria is another name for Fuji flower. The most suitable time to visit this tunnel is in May. May is the ideal time to visit this tunnel because the Fuji flowers are blooming. Very Beautiful!

13. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

This is a unique place in Bolivia and known as Salar de Uyuni. Pictured above are not edited and you may be amazed to see the uniqueness of this place. With an altitude of 3650 feet and the water is so clear, it is definitely take your breath away. Perfection natural charm is complemented by the injury hummingbird and flamingo.

14. Canola Flower Garden, China

Bright blue sky and canola flower beds into a blend that is perfect. Canola Flower Garden is located in China.
If you want to go there. This place will make you not regret going there.

15. Roarima Mountain,  Venezuela

This is Mount Roarima. It has a flat top. And also one of the oldest mountains on earth. The mountain is located in Venezuela, Brazil. Height reaches 2810 meters. The government of Venezuela has prepared a special ladder for visitors who want to reach the summit of this mountain. It's interesting!

16. Glacier Natonal Park, Canada

Glacier National Park is located in Montana, Canada. It became the largest and most intact ecosystems in the United States. This place is ice mountains but nowaday Glacier National Park only reached 27 peaks only. In 1900, this glacier peak reached 150 peak glacier.

Prepare your camera when you arrive there. You can get the best photo over there later.
Happy Travel!