The OMG moments captured on Google Maps StreetView that will make people laughing:-

(Click on picture for large picture)

1. Seagull coming in for a landing.

2. Russian guy chasing a bear.

3. Butterfly landing on the Google Street Car camera.

4. The aftermath of an epic party.

5. That's a monkey riding in that sidecar.

6. Nope. Not a building explosion. Just bird poop on the camera.

7. The cast of Wayne's World?

8. Looks like an escaped inmate to me.

9. Laser experiment?

10. Is that guy in the trash can?

11. This is how horror movies start.

12. The miracle of birth caught on Google Street View.

13. Terrible bus driver caught in the act.

14. Just a tiger stalking humans in a parking lot.

15. Flood alert.

16. Shooting at the Google Street Car in Colombia.

17. Aliens discovered on Google Street View!

18. Wildfire in action.

19. BBQ gone bad.

20. Lying in wait.

21. I wonder what the heck is going on here.

22. Moments before disaster stuck.

23. Twins or creepy ghosts taking a walk?

24. That guy isn't having a good day.

25. Monkeys hanging out somewhere in Japan.

26. Lonely open, frozen road.

27. Run free!

28. Epic timing, Google.

29. Monkey taking in the view.

30. What the what....?!

31. I don't think you should go down this road.

32. Scott is always horsing around.

33. That's a hot looking van. Smoking hot in fact.

34. Eek! Guess I took the wrong turn on Main Street.

35. Google Maps won't help you find Nemo, but these two are the next closes thing.

36. "Lightning Bolt! Lightning Bolt!"

37. Just catching up on the morning news with the guys.

38. This one actually looks normal...until you notice the toilet.

39. I bet she's just asking for directions...yeah, that must be it.

40. Canadian Horseboy

41. Ready to cook

42. Japanese invaders in Guam

43. Fine dining

44. The Stig is back on Google Street View!

45. Strange people in Iceland

46. Man down

47. Seems like a girl drowned in a swimming pool

48. Creepy pidgeonheads watching Google

49. Russian soldiers on reconnaissance

50. Doing it down under

51. Crazy Aussie flash

52. No clothes?